Road to the Collegiate Esport National Championship kicks off at Bendix Arena

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 5:52 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) -Are you ready to get your game on? Then Bendix Arena is the place to be.

Some of the top collegiate esport teams in the Midwest are in South Bend for the first regional event leading up to the Collegiate Esports National Championship.

There’s going to be some serious competition at this weekend’s tournament and even for more casual gamers in attendance.

Besides getting to see Bendix Arena doing what it was built for, which is hosting these kinds of Esports tournaments, attendees can also test out some of the newest and most popular games.

Eight teams will face off in Overwatch and Rocket League, with the winner punching their ticket to the 2022 Collegiate Esports Championship.

They’ll be showcasing the latest in gaming with interactive exhibits from game developers so those in attendance can play some of the newest titles with friends or even a new rival.

“We have some open play tournaments so if anyone wants to come play Madden 22, Super Smash Bros., and Rocket League, there are open tournaments. $500 gaming prizes for the winners. That’s taking place on Saturday and Sunday,” said CSMG Chief Esports Officer, Neil Malvone.

Bendix is designed to be a world-class venue dedicated to esports, and with the growing popularity of gaming, this likely won’t be the last tournament they host.

With esports on a bigger stage than ever before, this competition is more than just a game.

“Playing for fun--you can win and be like, ‘it’s awesome, I won.’ Especially with a LAN event, there’s so much energy. If you’re winning, if you’re losing, the vibes are just ten times more,” said Ball State team member Lucas Flick.

Admission is $10 per day. Open play entry fees are also $10.

Find out more by visiting the event’s website.

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