52-year-old Jody Elkins of Walkerton now facing attempted murder

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 7:10 PM EDT
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - As of Thursday, 52-year-old Jody Elkins of Walkerton is now facing attempted murder after police say he tried to kill the mother of his child.

The probable cause documents say the victim was meeting Jody Elkins to pick up the child they share together and that’s when things allegedly took a dark turn, that a 6-year-old child witnessed the whole thing.

Court documents list the child as 6-years-old but in court the prosecution referred to the child as being 7-years-old.

Jody Elkins appeared in court facing charges of strangulation, domestic battery resulting in moderate bodily injury, domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon, and domestic battery. Those are all felonies. During that arraignment on Thursday afternoon the prosecution told the judge they have added a new charge of attempted murder.

Court documents say on September 7th police responded to a domestic violence call at 68173 Walnut Road in Walkerton, Ind. It was there that police say they learned the disturbing details from the victim.

Jody Elkins allegedly put a handgun to the victim’s side and told the victim to drive to the back of the property.

The victim got out of the vehicle and that angered Elkins. Police say he punched her several times, hit her with a gun, and strangled her until she became dizzy.

She was told to drive to the back of the property again, that’s when the she got out and Elkins allegedly strangled her again. H then attempted to zip-tie the victim’s hands. She dove under the vehicle and Elkins attempted to run her over, but the tires were stuck in the dirt.

The victim escaped to a neighbor’s home for help and later police responded, and Jody Elkins was arrested.

New information was provided in court on Thursday during arraignment. The prosecution says Elkins pointed a gun at the victim’s head and a go-bag was found in Elkins’ home as if he were ready to go on-the-run. The probable cause affidavit goes on to say around 60 guns were confiscated from his home and he was wearing a bullet proof vest during the whole ordeal.

Prosecutors allege this crime was planned and the intention was to kill the victim. Now Elkins is facing an additional felony and that’s attempted murder. The family of the victim told me over the phone that if Elkins is let out of jail, he may try to kill her again.

As of last check, Jody Elkins remains in the St Joseph County Jail on a $100,000 cash bond. He will have another bond hearing on that new attempted murder charge. He’s due back in court on September 23rd in front of Judge Hurley in St. Joseph County Court.

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