Elkhart native Annie Drews is back home in the states and celebrating her gold medal

There is certainly a lot to celebrate when it comes to Elkhart native Annie Drews.
Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 6:58 PM EDT
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ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. (WNDU) - Penn High School graduate Annie Drews won two volleyball state titles for the Kingsmen and, now, she’s a gold medalist.

The Purdue alum is smiling through it all.

“It’s pretty heavy,” Drews said.

The Elkhart native can’t stop wearing her gold medal.

“It’s surreal,” Drews said, “It doesn’t fully feel like it’s happened.”

It definitely happened. Drews was noticeably emotional after USA women’s Volleyball won gold at the Olympics for the first time ever, and it was for good reason.

“Honestly, for years, I can’t stress this enough,” Drews said. “For the last five years, it’s been every decision you make is for this hypothetical goal that is not guaranteed. To just see what we have been working on for so long come to fruition, it was just unexplainable. "

The unexplainable feeling comes due in large part to the role Drews played for Team USA. She did not play much at the beginning of the Olympics, and then Drews came in and shined, leading the United States in points their last four games before winning gold.

“It really comes down to how bad do I want to help our team win gold,” Drews said. “Some nights it means you are running to the locker room to grab someone an extra jersey during the match and some nights it means you are stepping in and playing a role you know you are ready to play.”

Drews also played another huge role at the Olympics as she became the first Hoosier woman to ever play for USA Volleyball at the games.

“One thing I’ve always clung to is Indiana and having a lot of pride coming from where I came from and growing up the way I did,” Drews said. “To be able to represent Indiana, to represent Penn and Purdue and my family, it means a lot.”

It also means a lot for Drews to achieve one of her biggest dreams.

“High School Annie probably wouldn’t have thought this was in the cards,” Drews said. “Let alone college Annie and Annie five years ago.”

And Gold medalist Annie is going to enjoy this as long as she can.

“I’m wearing it or at least bringing it with me quite a bit,” Drews said. “The funniest I think was when I wore it to the dentist office yesterday. They were like, ‘Congratulations, you better come prepared. So I walked into the dentists office with my gold medal.”

The celebration for Annie Drews is only beginning.

Drews is getting married to her fiancé Tanner in September in Indiana. All of her friends keep asking her if she will wear the gold medal down the aisle.

There is certainly a lot to celebrate when it comes to Elkhart native Annie Drews.

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