DIGGING DEEPER: Missing meter and no electricity for over two weeks

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 6:24 PM EDT
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EDWARDSBURG, Mich. (WNDU) -A Michigan home was without power for over two weeks and 16 News Now went looking for answers. A tree branch cut the power cords to a home and they lost power. When those who live there tried to fix the problem, Indiana Michigan Power removed their meter.

“Miserable, absolutely miserable. Especially last week when it was hot,” Susie Edgerton says. She lives at the home near Eagle Lake in Edwardsburg.

Edgerton says she hasn’t had any power since the start of August. A branch fell from a tree onto powerlines that connected to her home, cutting the cords.

“Had the electric company come out and shut the power off because the wires were still down and live,” Edgerton says.

Little did she know this shocking situation would spark a big problem.

“We had to get an electrician and the electricians are booked, so we finally got one here on August 9th,” Edgerton adds.

However something was missing and this was the start of a disconnect in communication.

“He came out to fix it, and when he came out to fix it, with the landlord, the meter box, the meter was gone,” Edgerton says.

That meter is a pretty key piece to connecting that current.

“So the electrician called the electric company and they said ‘Yeah we took the meter box because there hasn’t been any activity on the account for seven days’.”

She says there was no activity because she didn’t have any electricity. So, she called Indiana Michigan Power.

“And they said well it’s a safety thing, we take the meter box so somebody, just some random person just doesn’t come and hook the power up.”

So I decided to reach out to I&M myself about Susie’s situation, they provided this statement:

Indiana Michigan Power is committed to delivering safe and reliable service to its customers while providing them with excellent customer service. Due to safety and privacy concerns, Indiana Michigan Power can not comment on individual customer accounts or billing issues.

Indiana Michigan Power has personally contacted this customer and values one-on-one customer service to quickly resolve any issues. We encourage you to follow up with the customer to receive an update on the outcome of the situation.

I&M encourages customers to reach out us about any service, billing or program questions. Customers can contact us with the following options:

I&M’s 24/7 Customer Operations Center:

Indiana: 1-800-311-4634

Michigan: 1-800-311-6424

Customers can always reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. For more information, customers can visit

Since they encouraged me to follow up with Susie, I did just that and what do you know, now they’ll finally flip the switch back on and restore her power on Tuesday. Susie provided this message:

Response from Susie Edgerton
Response from Susie Edgerton(WNDU)

Susie confirms their power has been restored, but according to her the experience leaves a bad taste.

“Bad customer service, they don’t tell their customers ‘Hey if your wires are down you have X amount of time before we come and take the meter’,” Edgerton says. “Why does this take so long I mean, I don’t understand.”

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