Bristol continues to clean-up after intense summer storms

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 7:05 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, Ind. (WNDU) - We checked-in with the Town of Bristol in Elkhart County to see how the clean-up efforts are going after powerful storms caused major damage to homes and businesses.

“I think we’ll be busy for the next couple weeks just picking up brush and downed trees, people lay it along the side of the streets, a lot of clean-up work to do yet,” Mike Yoder, Bristol Town Manager, says.

Piles of limbs are still littering the area and some massive trees remain laying in yards. The smaller debris the town is able to grab if you put it by the curb.

“You actually put that on the sidewalk, next to the street, and our street crews will come by and pick it up. Of course, we have three guys and two trucks, so it’s going to take awhile,” Yoder says.

So, it will be at least a couple more weeks to get it all cleared out, and volunteers from the community will help. Town Manager Mike Yoder tells me there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the town. Congdon Park was hit especially hard with several trees ripped from the ground.

Bristol is planning a tree replacement program to get rid of some of the older trees in town and Mother Nature decided to lend a hand.

“We need to replace those trees, but let’s just say we’ve got a major tree replacement program underway for next year for sure, if not this fall, we’ll try and get started this fall,” Yoder says.

I’m told it’s best to stay away from all the downed trees you see in the park and around town. As the clean-up continues, there’s one thing that’s come into focus according to Town Manager Yoder, and that’s neighbors lending neighbors a helping hand.

“Whenever these types of circumstances happen in the community, it’s always nice to see the community pull together and people helping each other out.”

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