Bristol takes a big hit from a powerful storm

Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 6:56 PM EDT
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BRISTOL, Ind. (WNDU) - An early morning storm ripped through the town of Bristol in Elkhart County, causing wide spread damage and power outages.

Trees completely pulled out of the ground, and debris scattered all across the area. People who live there say this was one very powerful storm.

“I was actually looking out the bedroom window and I just heard, crack, crack, crack from all the limbs and trees breaking,” Kim Williams says.

This storm took it’s toll on Bristol with trees falling on top of homes.

”It was still dark, it was about 5:30 when the strong winds hit, and we got up of course, and could hear all the trees around our house snapping and breaking and falling down, furniture flying around outside.” Ted Williams says.

Now crews are cleaning up the debris in the streets, chain sawing through down tree trunks, and a business called Earth Way had part of it’s roof ripped off.

“It was pretty insane,” Kim Williams says.

Many Bristol residents were amazed by the amount of damage once the storm passed.

Kim Williams, Trees uprooted at her home

“I have four uprooted trees, three that are leaning into another. One that was actually struck by lightning last weekend,” Kim Williams says.

I’m told the rain was completely horizontal at one point and that gives some insight into the power this storm had. Congdon Park in Bristol also has a number of trees ripped from the ground. The park board president says be careful during the clean-up.

“You never know what weight is on a limb, or not on a limb, and you might cut and obviously the limb might come up and snap back at you. With these downed trees, just making sure it’s not in amongst the power line(s),” Scott Dreamer says.

Speaking of power, Indiana Michigan Power says most of the Elkhart area won’t have power restored until 6pm Friday night. We’ll continue to track the damage from these storms all across Michiana and bring you the latest details.

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