LaPorte woman accused of murder, forces her kids to clean up the scene

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:01 PM EDT
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LAPORTE, Ind. New information, we’re learning more about a LaPorte woman who police say confessed to killing her husband. Court documents say she then had her children help her hide the body and clean up the scene.

The victim has family in South Bend, but according to police the murder happened in LaPorte.

A warning, these details are graphic and disturbing.

Thessalonica Allen appeared in court Wednesday morning for arraignment on numerous charges, including murder, mutilation of a corpse, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

This all started when police received a phone call from a man on July 29th saying he wanted to report a murder in LaPorte County. He told police he saw a body in Thessalonica Allen’s closet.

Police investigated at her apartment complex, and inside the apartment found the body of her husband Randy Allen stuffed inside a tote in a closet.

Police found hand written notes talking about getting drugs, a gun and ziplock bags. Also finding other plans to spray him in the face, hit him with a hammer, stab him, get rid of the body, pick up someone named Jay, then head to south bend to dispose of the body.

Here is what actually happened according to the probable cause documents.

After she was picked up by police, Thessalonica confessed to shooting her husband Randy Allen after a fight. The autopsy revealed the bullet landed near his spine, so he wasn’t able to move as he bled out.

The charging documents go on to say Thessalonica cut off Randy Allen’s legs with an ax so he would fit into a tote.

As for the charges involving children, those kids were allegedly in the home when she shot Randy and police say she had both her kids help try and move the body and clean up the murder scene. Randy’s body was moved into the closet of one Thessalonica’s children.

She is due in court on August 20th for a status of counsel hearing in LaPorte County.

A group close to the family says they plan to have a vigil for Randy Allen in South Bend this Friday with a balloon release in his honor. We’ll continue to follow this developing story.

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