Flag raising ceremony held at Elkhart County Courthouse

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:11 PM EDT
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GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) - Elkhart County has taken steps to live up to its flag flying responsibilities.

When the nation is in mourning and the order goes out to fly the flag at half staff, that does not happen at the Elkhart County courthouse in Goshen.

“I’ve been here almost four years, we’ve lowered it to half mast only one occasion,” said Elkhart County maintenance worker Mike Anderson.

Members of the maintenance department will be the first to admit that flag flying at the courthouse is a high maintenance affair.

“There’s two sets of stairs to go up to the top and then there’s three other ladders you got to climb up to get up there,” explained Don Tubicsak,” the county director of Buildings and grounds.

The next step involves crawling around the bell in the bell tower and then squeezing through a small hatch on the west side of the dome where the ropes to the flag can finally be reached.

“Some time ago someone thought it was a great idea which, it looks great up there, it really does but it really is difficult to get to,” said Tubicsac.

“It’s a neat experience, but I’ll be glad to see it on the ground, you know, at half mast it’s so much easier and I think we’re doing the right thing,” added Anderson.

The county is ready to march to the beat of a much more modern drummer.

Two new 50 foot flagpoles have been mounted in the ground within easy reach of flag fliers.

The pole on the courthouse dome will be removed.

The image of the flag flying there will be reduced to a memory

“About 100 years ago the flag was put on top of the Goshen courthouse and it wasn’t designed for that and it really is just not safe to change the flag, to lower the flag at half mast, and to do those things it’s kind of an acrobatic feat, so to speak, to change it,” said Elkhart County Commissioner Suzie Weirick.

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