New laws go into effect in Indiana

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 4:17 PM EDT
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Ind. (WNDU) - New laws are going into effect in the Hoosier State.

Let’s break down some of the major bills passed by lawmakers, and signed by Governor Holcomb.

A new Indiana police reform law starts today.

It requires officers to go through mandatory de-escalation training.

The law also bans chokeholds in certain situations and makes it a misdemeanor for an officer to turn off a body camera to cover up a crime.

Another law taking effect would change how officials respond to a pandemic.

The measure allows local elected officials to overturn orders from city or county health departments.

That would apply to mask mandates and capacity limits like we’ve seen during Covid-19.

The bill was vetoed by Governor Holcomb, but lawmakers voted to override that veto.

Also today, the State of Indiana is no longer charging for some firearm licenses.

People applying for a lifetime license to carry a handgun no longer have to pay a $125 fee.

This is now in effect after lawmakers passed it as part of the state’s two-year budget.

And Indiana now has its own “state snack,” similar to the state bird, state flower, state tree and state song.

Lawmakers have decided popcorn grown in Indiana is worth recognition.

It’s now the official snack of the Hoosier state.

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