Oscar Mayer Wienermobile visits Elkhart County

Published: May. 2, 2021 at 11:18 PM EDT
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GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) - The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is making its way through Michiana!

16 News Now reporter Carly Miller decided to “ketchup” with the drivers behind the wheel to learn more about their cross-country mission.

How many hot dogs tall are you? All American Ashley and Chili Dog CJ with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile can tell you.

The two “Hotdoggers” are making their way across the country and have been showing off their cool ride in Elkhart and Goshen this weekend.

“We are just letting people take some frank-tastic photos, relish in the Wienermobile, and have buns and buns of fun,” Chili Dog CJ said.

The hot dog on wheels started back in 1936 to lift peoples’ spirits during the Great Depression which is exactly what it’s still doing to this day.

“In the middle of a pandemic, we’re trying to serve that same purpose which is to just give people a reason to smile and feel connected to their communities again,” All American Ashley said.

Learning to drive the 60 hot dogs long and 24 hot dogs high mobile requires some training.

“We had two weeks of training at Hot Dog High. None of us had driven the Wienermobile before that. We all got behind the wheel and learned how to back each other up, doing those maneuvers, took to the highways, the hot dog highways of course, and now we’re pros,” Chili Dog CJ said.

Now driving “Big Bun” comes second nature to them.

“When I went home for Thanksgiving I did not like driving my Ford Focus. I felt so low to the ground, and no one was looking at me. When people honked, that meant something was bad and not that they just wanted my attention,” American Ashley said.

With the weekend wrapping up, the two will continue driving what they call their “miles and miles of smiles.”

“We can’t ‘bun-lieve’ we’re leaving Goshen. We hope to see you all real soon.”

“Catch up with us in our Lamborgweenie!”

The Wienermobile is headed to Grand Rapids next in the coast-to-coast trip.

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